About the Artist

HI!!! I am Danielle, and I want to take a minute to share a little bit about myself and my purpose in this world.
For as long as I can remember I have loved the process of creating. I remember being a small child sitting in my grandmother’s sewing room playing in the box of buttons, drawing, and piecing fabrics together while she altered gowns. As I grew older, my love of creating grew deeper. I distinctly remember 9th grade art class being the first year where I started to take art more seriously and began to explore more. Mrs. Whiting was our art teacher that year, and she was so inspiring to me. I’ll never forget her and all that she taught me in that one year (she retired after my freshman year). I continued on with art throughout high school, sometimes taking more than one art class in my schedule. When it was time to pick out a major for college, I remember getting into arguments with my dad because he thought I should go into architecture or engineering but I wanted to illustrate or do art therapy or something art related. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe in me or think that I lacked talent, I think it was more of a fear inside of him that art isn’t a “safe” employment field to go into. My step mom always said that I should be an art teacher, but I didn’t really feel the idea of working for a school. Anyways, I chose the art path, did not complete college, got a little carried away having too much fun, and waited tables for way too long.
Two years ago, I landed a job that made me feel like I won the lottery. I finally got a job in the arts! Whooo hooo! I am currently an artist/instructor at an art studio, UnCorked Creations. I guide people step by step through a 3 hour painting class several times a week. I believe that each part of your life is preparing you for a bigger part of your life. Through teaching, I have learned and gained so much through my interactions with people who consider themselves to “not be an artist”. One of the most fascinating things that I have observed is the way someone’s painting style reflects their personality. It is my job to pull “the inner artist” out of people and I love it!
Recently, I have been playing and painting more than ever. My husband and I converted our attic space into a creative space, “so much room for activities!”. We try to create art as a family, and sometimes I get a chance to have my alone time with my paints. The alone time that I get is so personal, reflective, meditative, and special. I go into my little attic space, put on some essential oils, find some mood music, and I’m free! Through creating and painting with no real plan, I have been discovering my inner self and different perspectives on life. Lately my process has involved using pallet knives as my only tool to paint with. At first I did it because the kids were asleep in the room across from the attic door and I didn’t dare wake them to go find my brushes downstairs! I found a pallet knife, had my paint, pallet, and canvas and rolled with it. This style of painting is forcing me to be less rigid and loosen up, and each time I paint like this, I learn something new about the technique, but more importantly myself.
Creating is an important part of life that a lot of us don’t do because we’re too afraid of what it’s going to look like. I’m here to share with you that it isn’t about the end result, it is about something much deeper than that. It is about the process and journey. It is about the feeling of the paint and the feelings you have. It is about letting go of stuff that you don’t need in your life. It’s about being in the present. It is about being brave and trying something brand new. I guarantee that when you go and try something new, that you will grow from it. We’re looking for personal growth here, YOU are the masterpiece! I am here to share art, inspire, motivate, and paint with you!
Keep your eyes out for Facebook LIVE painting videos! So excited to see where the art path will lead us!
Be brave, try new things, live beautifully